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Canada’s largest circulated and highest read publication serving this country’s fields of group employee benefits plan management and group pension fund investment. MONITOR’s personnel has industry experience since 1976 and leadership since its first issue in 1991.

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If you want to reach retail management of Canada’s home improvement field, make sure you use our media services to help you grow. Since 1995 we have delivered more circulation and more advertising support to our advertisers. Don’t leave it to the exclusive use of your competitors.

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Since 2007 we have provided a special website directed to Canada’s wealthiest people. Every Monday thousands received and read our News Alerts on investments, estate planning, legal, travel, health, and more. Join us. Find out what you’ve been missing.

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Our company’s media sources can be an extension of your marketing team. We understand your target audience. We have the reach to take your messages to your clients and prospects. We have the editorial content that will get read and engage your target audience.  We can design a multi-media approach that will allow you to extend your marketing and sales efforts through our integrated channels of print, digital and events to maximize your return on investment. The more successful you are makes us more successful too.

Integrated approach. PRINT MEDIA - offers you display advertising space, sponsored content, announcements and appointment notices, inserts and polybags, custom printing and publishing to penetrate the markets with BPA/CCAB circulation audits. DIGITAL MEDIA - offers you online advertising, email blasts and targeted distribution of reports, white papers, sponsored content and more. FACE-TO-FACE EVENTS - this offers you event sponsorship and educational coverage, roundtable sponsorship and editorial coverage, custom events, and networking opportunities.  Contact us for information on how using all three marketing areas will grow your business.

Content marketing. Building brands through advertising is a tactic all marketers have employed for years. Today, content is king and marketers are enhancing their traditional tactics by developing content marketing to build trust with customers and prospects by publishing content such as articles, white papers, research reports and presentations.  Find out more.

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